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Recorded live February 28th. Recorded and mixed by Andreas Hagen.
Includes our 2012 demo Festering Curses on the B-side, mastered for vinyl.


released July 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Mion's Hill Norway

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Track Name: Torture / Death By Mutilation
Music: Bye/Garathun, Lyrics: Garathun

Tied to a table, your eyes are covered
Try to move, but your body is unable
Hooks in your limbs, soon its all over
You can hear them turning the wheels of dread
Dislocating your joints, deformed by the living dead
The pain is too much, you start feeling weak
Trying to scream, but you can?'t speak

They remove your blindfold so you witness the horror
They're ghouls of the damned living for terror
Your skin is stretching, your arms tear
A fountain of blood, a sight you can't bare
Jamming hooks in your knees, they start to chop.
Scream in agony begging them to stop
They stop cutting and start to pull instead
Total fucking agony before you're finally dead

When they're done, you no longer bound
You try to move, and fall to the ground
Lift you back up, with rags you are fed
They hold you down, up next is your head.

You're just a torso 'n' head, split in five pieces
They loosen the ropes, you lie in your own faeces
You're left to rot and witness your obduction
Death by mutilation
Track Name: Burning Stench Of Total Disintegration
Music: Bye/Garathun, Lyrics: Bye

Tied to wood, the lead sprinker is warm
Scattering molten metal to the form
Eyes boil, torso gapes open from wounds
Lungs combust, hell awaits you soon

Blistering screams - Agonizing pain
Torture supreme - Death awaits

Short of breath, numbed by agony
Melting flesh, boiling your anatomy
Dripping gore and spewing suppuration
Burning stench of total disintegration

Insanity finally grips as you die
Welcome death, your only ally
Track Name: Excruciating Agony
Music: Bye/Garathun, Lyrics: Bye

The butcher roams the street at night
Lurking the alleys waiting to strike
Creeping around, picking his prey
Closing the path, prepare to decay

Brought to his mansion, the place of slaugther
Down his maze to the chamber of torture
Unveiled for his lungs a putrid odor
Piles of dead, walls stained with gore

Nailed to the rack
Tension increase
Snapping your back
You're torn piece by piece

Excruciating agony - Straining the chains
Your ancles snap - Horrid fucking pain
Excruciating agony - Ripping out your nails
The butcher frolics - As your life cease to prevail

The chains are pulled, tightening the grip
Stretched to dismemberation as the tissue rip
Cartilage, ligaments and bones are snapping
Choking on vomit as the joints are collapsing
Track Name: Eaten Alive
Music: Bye/Garathun, Lyrics: Bye

You're placed on a pole to enjoy your last view
Slowly your rectum's impaled as they look upon you
Lungs fill with exudated blood and the gathering cheers
Insanity takes a hold while you're stuck on a spear

Organs puncture - Horrid perforation
Bloody vomit - Certain mutilation
Regurgitate your guts - Life deprived
Maggot infestation - Eaten alive

As you're pierced to the stake they marinate you
Infestated by maggots that feast on your rotting goo
They hatch in your eyes and gnaw towards the brain
Eat you from the inside out as you choke in pain

Impaled, there's nothing you can do
Myasis, inside your head they chew
Entrails fluidize, the agonizing pain persist
Your limbs do their last twich as you cease to exist
Track Name: Evocation / Pestilent Sabbat
Music: Bye/Garathun, Lyrics: Bye

The coven arrives at the sabbatical ground
Bestial offerings sacrified on the mound
Gutted like a pig, amputated repugnance
Evil brought forth by the whiches unholy dance

Hellish rites of destruction

Evokes the epidemic disease
Stench of decay and burned limbs
Pestilent Sabbat

The shadow of death roams the plagued field
Corpses start to tremble, necromantic might revealed
Track Name: Putrid Potion
Music and lyrics: Bye

Human remains mutilated
Decomposed fetus desecrated
Pus, sludge, reek of fecal matter
Brew of blood and festered splatter

Severed limbs blister in the boiling gunk
Pestilent vomit and reptilian spunk
Incantations, summoning the might
Unholy scourge, witches flight

Witches Hallows, the prophetic spirits reside
Worship Deaths knowledge, and dwell in terror

Putrid potion – Assemble the coven
Putrid potion – Hail the evoked
Putrid potion – Embrace the plague
Putrid, repellent, pus-filled potion
Track Name: Witches Vomit
Music and lyrics: Garathun/Bye

Entrails are boiling in the couldron of dess!
Infernal spells, you'll be possessed
Virulent Brew - made by pus, vomit and
Swallowed it conjures a deadly rectal flood
Witches vomit!

The stench of her puke torments your soul
Poisonous liquid squirts from her mole
Repellent beings crawl out of her eyes
She laughs at the sight when humanity dies
Witches vomit!
Track Name: Festering Curses
Music: Bye/Garathun, Lyrics: Bye

Festering curses, horrid invocations
Villages tremble as the coven aggress
Trail of ruins from the witches predation
Hymns of death, you’re all possessed

Cutting up the abdomen
Intestinal fluids cascade
The enchantress relish by the screams
Bow down to the Mion’s Hill raid

Hounding a stiff as darkness descends
Remains are devoured as the slaughter nears its end
A feast on entrails, rotting tissue and brains

In conspiracy with satan - This is the coven’s reign